Message from Head Manger

I thank God who granted me this success in order to serve my colleagues and I can work in the field of electricity and industrial automation, along with other industries with the goal of self-sufficiency and expansion of the power industry, and even beyond: "Export Overseas "; I play a role in the development and construction of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Fajr Central Distribution Company (FTM) has the expertise, knowledge, understanding and deep link with each customer who trusts the technology and quality of the production process in the company, because they need to have the support they need to meet their current needs and the best Provides the fastest and most accurate service anywhere in the country. The qualitative process adaptation and production of this company with the international standards and the efforts of skilled and qualified personnel in the full line of industrial panels (design and engineering, research and development, design and production of stroke, paint workshop, electrical assembly, quality inspection and testing). Trust Thinking of Iran's will and creativity in the development of technology and national industry. It is my hope that my and my colleagues will be able to play the right and faithful decisions that we have made with the quick, necessary, and useful responses to satisfy the customers, especially the honest producers of the country, so that we can see again that Each company's capital will be the customer's continuous customer satisfaction and trust.

Our Customers

Shazand Petrochemical Co., Imam Khomeini oil refinery in Shazand, Arak thermal power plant, Iran aluminum smelter, Al-Mahdi aluminum, Arak machinery, Central power station distribution, West regional electricity, Petrochemical research and technology, Wire and Kabul Hamedan, Autonomous Province of Karaj, Telecommunication Province of Markazi, Telecom of Qom Province, Ramhormoz Cement Distribution, Clean Energy Projects, Jahrom Cereal Silos, Simorgh Separators, Pars Meskan Alvand, Parsinko Saveh, Nasr Gostar, Lajur, Biomedical Kimia Techlanc, Sanandaj Power Plant, Today's alchemists, Jihad Nasr, Sound and Television of Markazi Province, Azarab Arak Industries, Tow Truck Wade, Ava Doctor, Cooperative Development Bank, Elika Parts Development, Dena Cellulose, Saveh Thermostat, Stubestan, Arak Fifteen thousand, Pearl Damavand, Zarrin Buspar Azin, Behesa, Poultry Farm Cooperative, Dorsa Chicken, New Industry Solutions, Pitman and others. ..

Food industry and flour mills

Karaj golden cluster flour, Arak cluster flour, Arak cluster flour, Zayandehrud flour of Isfahan, Fasa flour Shiraz, Tehran single flour, Kashan flour, Hajiabad flour of Hormozgan, Flour of white golden cluster of Mashhad, Kashmir flour, Mozhan flour of Bojnourd, Flour of Reza Mashhad, Arif Flour, Karaj Star Kordan Flour, Chanli Khoy Flour, Neka Sari Flour, Asri Shiraz Flour, Parvadeh Flour Shiraz, Amin Mahdasht Flour, Sepid Dwarf Flour, Qom Flour Flour, Jahrom Flour, Arbil Flour, Ardabil Flour, Gol Daregar Flour, Ahvaz flour, Mashhad wheat flour, Mashhad flour, Mashhad flour, Damavand pearl flour, Malayer white flower flour, Birjand white flour, Zahedan Allah flour, Akbari Kerr white flour Dunn, Tabriz Blood Blessing Flour, Tehran Meal Flour, Shirvan Flour, Twenty Thousand Silos, Sarvl-e-Zahab Silk, Twenty-thousand Thousand Tons of Tehran Light Flour, Ahvaz Meydar Meal Metallic Silos, Ahvaz Twenty-One Thousand Tons of Ahvaz, Twenty Thousand Tons of Kuhdasht Silos, Twenty thousand tons of silos, hectares, silos, eighty thousand tons of Karaj and ...

Gallery of Honors

• Honorary company and get eleven national statues in Iran • The top entrepreneur of the country and receiving a golden statue from the President of the Republic of 88 and 85 (Center for the Conferences of Muslim Countries) • Receiving a Statue of the Third Millennium Energy and Technology Engineers - 90th Anniversary (Center for Sound and Television Conferences) • Receive Statue Statue of the 5th Entrepreneurs Festival of 89 (Mirror Culture Center) • Receiving the Statue of the Iranian National Development Leaders Conference - 90th Anniversary (Center for Sound and Television Conferences) • Receive Statue of Management & Improvement Conference - 90 Years (Center for Sound and Television Conferences) • Get a Statue of the National Congress of Entrepreneurship and Empowerment in the Standardization Area - Year 92 (Center for Sound and Television Conferences) • Receiving the Statue of the Excellency Congress of Excellence and Empowerment Managers - 92 (Center for Sound and Television Conferences) • Get a Statue of 100 Top Managers and Iran's Trade Industry - Year 92 (Center for Sound and Television Conferences) • Receive a statue of one hundred Iranian top brands - Year 93 • Receive a statue of one hundred top brands and entrepreneurial elites in Iran - 1994 (Center for Sound and Television Conferences)
• International quality management license based on ISO9001 V: 2008 standard • International licensed in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries based on ISO / TS 29001: 2010 standard. • Has a license from the Ministry of Industry and Mines • Has complete confirmation from Tavanir of Iran • Full certification of the Central Power Distribution Company • Get the IP Test Certificate from EPIL's Electrical Industry Labs • Get certified by the EPIL Electrical Industry Laboratories • Member of Guild of Manufacturers of Iranian Power Plants • Qualified certificate from National Iranian Gas Company • Member of Iranian Research and Development Industries & Mine • Legislative member of the Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineers of Iran - A branch of Markazi province • Has a credible certificate from Iran Quality Management Association • Has an Australian JAS ANZ Certification

Contact Us

Head office: Unit 15, No. 10, Seyyed Jamaloddin Asad Abadi Ave. 54, Tehran, Iran

Phone: +98 21 88052908-9

Fax: +98 21 88034297

Factory: Shayegan St., Amirkabir Blvd., Industrial Town No. 1, Arak, Iran

Phone: +98 86 34130501-3

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