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After completing the work at the Structural Unit, the parts are painted into a single unit. The whole process of fumigation and flushing, phosphating and sealing is carried out completely and with great precision and periodically, all of the chemical substances of fats, phosphating and sealing are sampled and examined by the relevant quality control unit.


After drying of parts, powder and electrostatic staining with thickness of 70-100 micron was performed and after transfer to the furnace according to the conditions stated by the color manufacturer (in terms of temperature and cooking time), paint work Completed.


Electrostatic painting


Using an electrostatic paint spraying device, the air is then injected into the powdered powder in a special hollow. The device pumps the powder with a strong voltage source and drives it into the spray gun. In this method, which is the most common application of powder coatings, the design of spray guns is a very important factor, which has direct effects on how the particles are loaded, the surface they sit on, and thus the formation of films. The mechanism and function of the gun is that the powder particles are transferred to the tip of the gun through the air pressure and then, as a result of applying the potential, they become pregnant and spray it slightly to the surface of the object.


If the air pressure applied to throwing particles is high, not only does the powder leak out of the surface of the object, but it also creates microscopic sinking and erosion at the surface. In this way, the inner surfaces of narrow objects, such as inside a 1-inch diameter tube, can be stained only by putting the pistol in one direction.


A color spraying operation is carried out in the vicinity of the paint sucker fader to collect additional powder that is released into the air.


Items that are colored or painted in low pressure and low pressure boards with RAL code in Fajr Pavilion Industries


The price bidder or panel manufacturer should be equipped with a calibrated color test laboratory equipment

During the construction of the time, it is delivered to the board.

Impact test includes: Impact test device with variable height and calibrated weight

Bending test includes: Bending test device calibrated on cylinder axis

Adhesion testing includes: Calibrated cross-cut machine and special adhesive

Thickness Thickness Test Controller includes: Digital Thickness Measuring Instrument, Separate Bump, and Permanent Memory, and Calibrate Meggen, Calibrated.

Test (HP) Includes: (HP) paper 4 high precision color

The price proposition unit or the manufacturer of the panel should be equipped with a washing machine with the following spray paint and baking machine.

Straightening liposuction by laboratory and (HP)

 Strack-off wash with a high water pressure through the car wash system

Phosphate stacker in laboratory and (HP)

Laboratory sterilized silica chromate (HP)

Color Spray: A powder coating of 100 to 70 microns in electrostatic method

Bake-cooking machine or furnace with color curving curve and temperature uniformity at all points

The colors used should be of a standard quality standard, and the presentation of the color code and color of the respective company's color is required. The criterion for viewing the color unit is by the buyer's representative.

At the time of paint or electrostatic painting of the piece during painting, it should be painted in such a way that under no circumstances will it be touched by the operator's hands when moving to the furnace.

The method of installing the components in the furnace should be in the form of a conveyor or a rail of the upper part of the piece

All points that are not exposed should be based on the electrostatic principle of the paint coating.

Advantages of powder coatings


Ease of use: The powder is easier to use than liquid and requires fewer operator training

Single-layer application: A thick layer with a uniform uniformity of dispersion is obtained in relation to the liquid color.

Less waste: the convenience of using powder both manually and automatically gives less unacceptable samples than liquid color.

After staining, due to the hardness of powder coatings, the product will suffer less damage

High usefulness: The optimum recycling of superfluous powder is higher than 95%, while for solvent-based dyes it is less than 15%.

Inaccessible materials: sedimentation or sedimentation is not produced from powdery paint

Safety at the time of use: Solvent removal in powder paints reduces the fire in the production rooms and increases their use and does not require anti-sparking devices.

Solvent elimination: The lack of solvent in the formulation of powder coatings creates better environmental issues.

Energy Consumption: Because of the high wind power consumption, energy consumption decreases

Required space: Less space is required for painting

Wellness: Due to the absence of solvents or hazardous substances, health hazards are reduced

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