Introduction of Research and Technology Unit

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The main objective of this unit is to create the necessary conditions for maintaining and developing the capabilities of other parts of the organization's technology. Since the focus of Fajr Taboli Industries is based on technological capabilities, accurate monitoring of technological changes and the application of effective solutions to provide customer and market services with the lowest cost and the highest quality is the main mission of this unit. Performing research projects in different fields is the basis for familiarizing them with new technologies and developing them in the organization. The most important role of the R & D unit in the organization is its role as a technology manufacturing plant within the organization, so that the technology available in the unit is considered as the primary basis and by carrying out research and development activities and in a two-way exchange process With other factors of production, the product is pre-produced and, ultimately, the production of superior products leads to the creation of superior technology and more productivity than the factors of production.


The achievements of research and development projects

The research and development unit of Fajr Pavlou Co. has been working as a consultant to carry out research projects in order to promote the level of knowledge and technology and reduce its distance with competitors. Research and development processes focusing on product and service organizations include:


Identifying and evaluating new ideas and research projects


Approval and implementation of research projects


Finishing and exploiting research achievements


Implementation of projects related to scientific and technical requirements


Together with the technical knowledge of the day


Investigating new design and construction methods


Determining Test Methods in All Sections


Compilation of educational pamphlets


Organize training sessions


Creating databases


Creation and analysis of statistical systems

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