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We believe that each company's capital will be a constant customer satisfaction and trust.

Providing documentation and technical documentation

All technical information and technical documentation, such as Datasheet, User Manual, Technical Documents, Instructions, etc., will be delivered to the customers with the power and electric commandpad and the layout of the panel in accordance with the customer's requirements.


After using the project, the company will be ready to provide all necessary training, such as safety, proper operation, repairs, replacement of spare parts, and the principles of introducing next settings in the presence of customers.

Installation and operation services

After delivery of the project, the company will be ready to provide technical services for the installation and commissioning of all equipment. The installation of electrical facilities will be carried out by qualified experts and technicians in accordance with the standard of electricity of Iran and the standard of installation of electrical equipment in the oil industry.

Continuous contact with customers

All customers, in case of communication with the Trading Department, can receive the technical and economic proposal of their project in cooperation with the Fajr Distribution Center of Commerce and Engineering.

The quality of the process is equal to the loss of the maternal industries

The Fajr Central Distribution Company (FTM) has the expertise, knowledge, understanding and deep link with each customer who trusts the technology and quality of the production process in the company, because they need to have the support they need to meet their current needs and the best Provides the fastest and most accurate service anywhere in the country.

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