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At this stage, from the beginning of negotiations with the customer and offering a price offer to start the production of the following measures:


Receiving and studying documents and drawings and reviewing them from the IEC standard (if the customer is solely responsible for providing technical specifications and general information), the design and engineering unit of this company has designed and produced single-line maps and for final control And provides confirmation to the employer.)

Review of plans and technical specifications and inventory of supplies and equipment according to their type and brand and their type in order to estimate the price and offer the offer.

In the event of a contract, the following steps are followed:


Negotiate with their client or consultant and receive their technical comments and wishes

Investigate and adapt the maps and documents received with the valid standards used, as well as the customer and advisor's needs and make the necessary adjustments, if necessary, to provide a reliable plan for achieving a high quality product in the least amount of time.

Preparation of documents and executive maps including: single-line maps, flow path (control, command, power), layout, layout (LAYOUT) and part list (brand of goods used according to the employer's request and the discretion of industry experts Fajr Taboli Choosing Will be.)

Provide documentation and executive plans to the customer for certification

After confirming the drawings by the customer, the work of the design unit is as follows:


Planning and analyzing different parts of the production lines with regard to ongoing projects or ongoing negotiations.

Preparation of the list of agreed equipment (final) and sending it to the warehouse for the provision of the equipment.

Presentation of production documents and drawings to the production unit to start production.

Preparing As Built Maps for Delivering Customers with Deliverables.

Archives of all technical activities required for the project for future utilization of the project.

Software used in mechanical and electrical design of power and steering boards include:




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