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After completion of assembly and assembly, the boards are entered into the electrical test unit for final tests and the test steps are carried out in accordance with the type of panel. All tests are carried out using modern and calibrated equipment and all safety features in length Testing is carried out in accordance with international standards.


Tests include:


Power frequency test device from 0 to 125 kV

Low Impulse Voltage Test (Impact) 240 KV (Viewable and Precise Impulse Voltage Rating via PC and ASCP)

Testing machine from 0 to 100 kV alternating

Testing machine from 0 to 140 kV

Flow injection machine up to 5 kA

Mechanical experiments of cells

Tests of the proper functioning of all protective devices and measurements and measurements

Tests the correct functioning of all keys

Other mechanical and electrical tests

Tests of other items indicated on the map and technical specifications announced by the employer

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After completing the work at the Structural Unit, the parts are painted into a single unit. The whole process of fumigation and flushing, phosphating and sealing is carried out completely and with great precision and periodically, all of the chemical substances of fats, phosphating and sealing are sampled and examined by the relevant quality control unit.


After drying of parts, powder and electrostatic staining with thickness of 70-100 micron was performed and after transfer to the furnace according to the conditions stated by the color manufacturer (in terms of temperature and cooking time), paint work Completed.


Electrostatic painting


Using an electrostatic paint spraying device, the air is then injected into the powdered powder in a special hollow. The device pumps the powder with a strong voltage source and drives it into the spray gun. In this method, which is the most common application of powder coatings, the design of spray guns is a very important factor, which has direct effects on how the particles are loaded, the surface they sit on, and thus the formation of films. The mechanism and function of the gun is that the powder particles are transferred to the tip of the gun through the air pressure and then, as a result of applying the potential, they become pregnant and spray it slightly to the surface of the object.


If the air pressure applied to throwing particles is high, not only does the powder leak out of the surface of the object, but it also creates microscopic sinking and erosion at the surface. In this way, the inner surfaces of narrow objects, such as inside a 1-inch diameter tube, can be stained only by putting the pistol in one direction.


A color spraying operation is carried out in the vicinity of the paint sucker fader to collect additional powder that is released into the air.


Items that are colored or painted in low pressure and low pressure boards with RAL code in Fajr Pavilion Industries


The price bidder or panel manufacturer should be equipped with a calibrated color test laboratory equipment

During the construction of the time, it is delivered to the board.

Impact test includes: Impact test device with variable height and calibrated weight

Bending test includes: Bending test device calibrated on cylinder axis

Adhesion testing includes: Calibrated cross-cut machine and special adhesive

Thickness Thickness Test Controller includes: Digital Thickness Measuring Instrument, Separate Bump, and Permanent Memory, and Calibrate Meggen, Calibrated.

Test (HP) Includes: (HP) paper 4 high precision color

The price proposition unit or the manufacturer of the panel should be equipped with a washing machine with the following spray paint and baking machine.

Straightening liposuction by laboratory and (HP)

 Strack-off wash with a high water pressure through the car wash system

Phosphate stacker in laboratory and (HP)

Laboratory sterilized silica chromate (HP)

Color Spray: A powder coating of 100 to 70 microns in electrostatic method

Bake-cooking machine or furnace with color curving curve and temperature uniformity at all points

The colors used should be of a standard quality standard, and the presentation of the color code and color of the respective company's color is required. The criterion for viewing the color unit is by the buyer's representative.

At the time of paint or electrostatic painting of the piece during painting, it should be painted in such a way that under no circumstances will it be touched by the operator's hands when moving to the furnace.

The method of installing the components in the furnace should be in the form of a conveyor or a rail of the upper part of the piece

All points that are not exposed should be based on the electrostatic principle of the paint coating.

Advantages of powder coatings


Ease of use: The powder is easier to use than liquid and requires fewer operator training

Single-layer application: A thick layer with a uniform uniformity of dispersion is obtained in relation to the liquid color.

Less waste: the convenience of using powder both manually and automatically gives less unacceptable samples than liquid color.

After staining, due to the hardness of powder coatings, the product will suffer less damage

High usefulness: The optimum recycling of superfluous powder is higher than 95%, while for solvent-based dyes it is less than 15%.

Inaccessible materials: sedimentation or sedimentation is not produced from powdery paint

Safety at the time of use: Solvent removal in powder paints reduces the fire in the production rooms and increases their use and does not require anti-sparking devices.

Solvent elimination: The lack of solvent in the formulation of powder coatings creates better environmental issues.

Energy Consumption: Because of the high wind power consumption, energy consumption decreases

Required space: Less space is required for painting

Wellness: Due to the absence of solvents or hazardous substances, health hazards are reduced

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Requirements for the construction and design of the body of power boards:


All boards, including wall and stand, low pressure, distribution and steering will be made from a grainy (1.5-2.5) mm thick oil sheet.

The skeleton of low pressure stand boards is made of 2 mm steel and oiled sheets.

The body of the boards is made up of two chassis and body (cover), which are connected by a bolt and bolt.

Multi-cellular panels are made up of separate cells that bind together bolts and nuts.

It is possible to construct a door with lock and hinges and a screw and nut in four directions for the signs.

Cells are constructed in such a way that they have enough space and that the inspection and repairs and the access to the equipment and the shingles are easily carried out and, at the same time, can be developed at any time.

In order to prevent possible damage, the installation of main equipment for control, measurement and location of cable entry and exit is done separately. Measuring equipment will be installed in the front of the cell and at the top of it, so that it can be easily seen and used.

The body of the panels is constructed in such a way that any changes in the signs are possible without the need for welding and painting. (Prediction of proper holes and displacement with bolts and nuts)

In the upper part of the board, it is anticipated that the hooks are suitable for carrying the signs.

In the signs, a cable gland or cable gland is planned for input and output cables.

The degree of protection (IP) defined by the international protection system determines the level of electronic sealing in accordance with IEC 592 and IEC 60.529. Depending on the type of use of the signs and at the request of the employer, the degree of protection of the panel is determined and up to Protection degree IP68 is applicable

In the section of the lid, a local panel is considered for placing the drawings

In the structure of the strucker, the panels are made in two common types (weld, hinge, rectangular, nut, nut and nut) and Rital using advanced machines.

According to the designed maps and the type of selected cell of the metalwork operation, if the selected cell is of a standard type, only the standard parts that are already produced are collected and further operations performed on them, and if the non-standard parts in It will be done using the design and assistance from the machines of this unit, cutting operations, drilling, bending and welding operations are done on them.

The assembly of welding and joints is carried out by welding and following the necessary checks on the quality of the operations and the rotation of the welded parts of the parts

The cell monocyte is firstly assembled and then disassembled and transferred to the color line.



The items in the stricks of the low pressure wall panels of the rhythm type, or the half-bolt and the type of mold. Type or model: Wall-mounted - Raincoat, manufactured by Fajr Pavlovo Industries:


The sheet used is of oily type with a thickness of 1.5-1.25 mm and standard in the direction of the binder, but not the roll, due to the lack of a wave in the stacker panel.

The floor and the ceiling are separated by a panel. In accordance with the layout plan for entering and leaving the cables, the fiber should be separated from the body by a screw or screwdriver.

Welding operations are performed to prevent the boiling waste from CO2 boiling

In the case of preventing the entry of dust in the body of the panel without a hole, and the seat of the door on the body is made in the form U

Use the M6-M8 bolt to fasten the door and body to the inside of the lower hinged side panel.

The stroke of the panel is completely geometric, or the three sides of the upper and outer faces are equal and free of differences or running.

All protective covers, with the standard distance, are to be anticipated and, under no circumstances, should be used with bolts and nuts to open the butterfly nuts. Covers are made in a manner that covers all equipment and terminals.

In the rainbow boards, the cap can be divided into the ceiling of the bolt and the panel and can be detached from the inside of the panel and under no circumstances will the ceiling of the panel be boiled or disconnected.

Door boards larger than 60-50 centimeters to create more durability and more mechanical strength, be sure to roll and tin

On the wall boards, install the panels to the wall

All bolts and sticks used Type 8 × 8 All hinges and locks are a good and stainless steel model.

The internal board is made of galvanized sheet with a thickness of 1.5 mm and a circle (corners)

The board is equipped with a pocket or a map

Welding surfaces should be completely clean and do not use any conditions before or after paint

If the height of the panel exceeds 130-120 in the boards and the height of the board, the hook hook (not approved) can be predicted on the ceiling.

The stacker should be designed and constructed in such a way that it can not be watched under any conditions after color (no corrosion or rust)

The stacker of the panel should be designed and constructed, if necessary, equipped with air inlet and outlet air filter valves. Criteria for the layout of the panel

Items that are in the stroke of low pressure boards. Type: Rittal - All bolts and nuts - Half bolts and nuts - Fused, Fajr industries are manufactured:


Oiled and galvanized sheet with thickness of 2.5-2.5 mm and standard type in the direction of binder and not roll, due to the absence of wave in the stacker. STEEL GRADE: RRST13 DIN1623

The floor of the panel or roof, in accordance with the layout plan for entering and leaving the cables, has the function of removing the body from the body by means of a screw or screwdriver. Layout map layout

In the half bolts and nuts and wicker boards. Welding operations are to be performed to prevent weld waste by using CO2 welding

In the Rittal bridges and all bolts and nuts, bolts and nuts and mats, to prevent the entry of dust in the body of the panel without a hole, and the floor space on the door on the body is to be sealed and sealed with a suitable yalash foam.

Door and body doors from the inside of the lower hinge panel to use the M6-M8 bolt.

The stroke of the panel is completely geometric, or the three sides of the upper and outer faces are equal and free of differences or running.

All protective covers, with the standard distance, are to be anticipated and no bolts and nuts should be used in any way. To open the butterfly bolt, the panel holder should be hinged on request and the cover is equipped with a screwdriver screw (Winding screw). The covers are implemented in a manner that covers all equipment and terminals

In the rainbow boards, the warhead is placed on the ceiling of the bolt and nut panel and can be detached from the inside of the panel and under no circumstances shall be separated from the ceiling of the panel.

Door panels due to mechanical durability of steel and cans

All bolts and slicks used are galvanized Type 8 × 8 All hinges and locks are a good and stainless steel model.

In the Rittal bridges and all bolts, all of the equipment is structured in a way (separated) in a way that according to the need to develop the lateral and upper side of the design.

The stacker should be designed and constructed in such a way that it can not be watched under any conditions after color (no corrosion or rust)

Each cell is equipped with four hooks of bolt and thread made of steel. Swing revolving is not approved.

The stroke of the panel should be designed and constructed, if necessary, equipped with an air inlet and outlet air filter. Values ??Map layout


Items that are executed in a vertical crossover of an average compressor board and an open 24 kV produced in an organization:


Oiled and galvanized sheets with a thickness of 2.5-2.5 mm are of standard type in the binder and not in rolls, due to the absence of a wave in the stacker panel.

The floor of the panel, in accordance with the layout plan for entering and leaving the cables, is capable of being detached from the body by means of a screw or screwdriver. The symmetry or center of the cable entry point and the cable holder and the cable connection to the connection point is required. If the center is not obeyed, the probability and destruction of the cable head due to the curvature There is

In the relevant boards. Welding operations to prevent welding by welding (three to two)

In the relevant boards, prevent the entry of dust in the body of the hollow panel

All doors are connected to the inside of the panel for using the bolt (M8 and M6).

The stroke of the panel is completely geometric, or the three sides of the upper and outer faces are equal and free of differences or running.

In the bus compartment many times, the input and output chamber, and the current and voltage transitions of the explosion valve are required.

All doors that are connected to medium pressure equipment have the ability to open the racks when the sensor, de-genset and transmissions are flowing and pulsed, except for the control and protection door and the low pressure measurement. Mechanical or electrical interlock for all doors

The connection of the intermediate pressure cell to the low pressure (winding) of the area is carried out or predicted not to occur in the basin or the field (minimum distance 20 kV 21 cm), low pressure cabin or control, protection under no circumstances associated with the medium pressure cabin Wingering is out of bounds by Gland)

All bolts used for galvanizing and all hinges and locks will be of a good quality (8 to 8) and stainless steel

In the relevant boards, the structure of the panel should be in a way that according to the need to develop the development of the side view

The stacker should be designed and constructed in such a way that it can not be watched under any conditions after color (no corrosion or rust

Each cell is equipped with four hooks of bolts and nuts made of steel. Rotational swing is not approved.

In low pressure cabinets or controls, the entrance of the control cable (Transmission Control - Bucher Hutts) in the cockpit outside the basin or field is foreseeable.

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After the preparation of the parts is painted, the stacker of the panel is assembled and according to the documents and drawings relating to the boards of each project (supports) and (baseplates), the installation of components is completed and all the piercing, mastblade and installation of canals and rails and panels The installation is carried out with the delivery of equipment from the warehouse of the installation. After confirmation and control of the installation and the preparation of the shaft parts for drilling, bending, dyeing or scouring, paneling, and after the quality control, the operation of the wiring with Pay attention to the sizes and colors and the codes and decorations determined by design and engineer The thirty steps are carried out accurately.


Items and ducts that are installed in the assembly and testing unit of Fajr Shablo Industries


The nominal load current of the main line loads is 1.5 times the nominal current of the main switch, and the short circuit current withstand the key amps and bus bases.

Bass loads or wires from hardened electrolytic materials with excellent conductivity of the copper company Bahonar

The bass section of the bars or null-wart shafts is at least half the length of the main or phase shaft

All basses of the main loads or wires for high conductivity and insulated or insulated safety shall be colored in accordance with standards (DVD) with a thickness of at least 100 microns. The use of standard heat sealing is allowed instead of color

All bases of the three-phase main loads and heat exchangers or paintings should be equipped with an engraved identification code in accordance with the power maps.

Suitably proportional to the number of output loads of fuzzy bushings and coiled tubes, and of all the individual connections.

The cutting and bending and scrubbing operations of the wires in the standard method should be avoided and the traditional methods should be avoided. Due to the absence of stress and tensile stresses and microscopic incisions of the busbars in the electrical conductivity of the machine with CNC machines,

Noll Wart bushes are separately installed in the output and input terminals and in multi-linking boards and galvanized bolts and galvanized M8x8 connectors and a single cloth.

All of the main and secondary reliance of the mechanical and electrical bearing is short-circuited, and the existence of the typing test is compulsory.

All terminal and mini-rail lines of the selected standard should be avoided due to inconsistency with equipment assembly due to miscellaneous rails.

All door and hinged covers are wound by warp copper wires, screwed to the inside of the door and the bottom of the bus.

The cross-sectional strength of the wires according to the tables (VDI) and appropriate to the condition of the panel environment is selected and the minimum density for each millimeter square is 4 amps.

The minimum cross-sectional strength of the control wires in the low-pressure boards is 1.5 mm. The approval is valid and under no circumstances should be used with different wires.

All wiring or power cords are equipped with a map identification code and identification color of the phase, and validated and accredited companies can use the Tvnyr certification and carry out different wires.

All wire connections or power and control wires are connected by individual wires or standard cables.

All electrical power equipment - Measurement control - Input and output terminals equipped with an engraving identification code that conforms to electrical maps.

The installation of the equipment is made in a way that is accessible from the front and easy to repair and replace the parts.

All ventilation fans are equipped with a filter and air inlets in the lower area and air outlets in the upper part. Layout layout chart.

Conforming to the condition of the panel in the presence of a permanent heater, the work with the relevant thermostat and in the case of heat above 40-50 ° C, the gas cooler should be installed.

Power connection of all feeders above 100 amps by load bos

All electrical equipment should be purchased from reputable dealers and equipped with original holograms.

All equipment for medium pressure switchgear including Djangort-Squeezer-Transforms of current and voltage of protection wires equipped with original manufacturer's checklists.

In the middle pressure boards, all inlets and outlets are equipped with a capacitor insulator and a corresponding display. About operator protection

In medium pressure switchboards, if using Scythian and SF6 or SF6, a permanent heater is required to operate the thermostat.

In the middle pressure boards, all the standard intervals of observance of the criterion of potential test (s) are attended by the representative of the buyer.

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The main objective of this unit is to create the necessary conditions for maintaining and developing the capabilities of other parts of the organization's technology. Since the focus of Fajr Taboli Industries is based on technological capabilities, accurate monitoring of technological changes and the application of effective solutions to provide customer and market services with the lowest cost and the highest quality is the main mission of this unit. Performing research projects in different fields is the basis for familiarizing them with new technologies and developing them in the organization. The most important role of the R & D unit in the organization is its role as a technology manufacturing plant within the organization, so that the technology available in the unit is considered as the primary basis and by carrying out research and development activities and in a two-way exchange process With other factors of production, the product is pre-produced and, ultimately, the production of superior products leads to the creation of superior technology and more productivity than the factors of production.


The achievements of research and development projects

The research and development unit of Fajr Pavlou Co. has been working as a consultant to carry out research projects in order to promote the level of knowledge and technology and reduce its distance with competitors. Research and development processes focusing on product and service organizations include:


Identifying and evaluating new ideas and research projects


Approval and implementation of research projects


Finishing and exploiting research achievements


Implementation of projects related to scientific and technical requirements


Together with the technical knowledge of the day


Investigating new design and construction methods


Determining Test Methods in All Sections


Compilation of educational pamphlets


Organize training sessions


Creating databases


Creation and analysis of statistical systems

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